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About Me

Sunny Khangura, BSN, MN, NP

Why did I develop Sunny’s OSCE Sessions?

My motivation to create the course was spurred by my personal experience of preparing for the Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE).  There was a scarcity of resources and formal instruction on preparing for this exam and I had no idea how to sort through the content we were expected to know. It was difficult to find relevant templates to guide my studying and also learn how to study the associated tasks of the OSCE such as obtaining a focused history or developing a management plan. In addition, I was required to learn almost 200 conditions that could potentially be examined in the OSCE.

Throughout my studying process, I was trying to apportion time between learning the conditions, practicing history taking, learning how to counsel and develop management plans and perform systematic physical exams. This was all while trying to verbalize my findings and remain within the time limit. This meant I had to speak loud enough for the examiner to hear me, but not too loud to ensure I wasn’t yelling at the patient. I had to speak fast enough to get my marks, but not too fast so that the examiner couldn’t understand me. I also needed to introduce myself, hand my sticker to the examiner, wash my hands, verbalize my findings, be empathic, ensure patient dignity and identify any critical incidents throughout the scenarios. Sounds easy enough!

With all that in mind, I developed this preparation course in 2013 to offer support for Nurse Practitioner students who have minimal to no OSCE experience. Over time, I have developed applicable templates to guide studying and now offer preparation options for students interested in NP OSCE support and guidance.